The Problem

Waste Management has become an increasing problem in Ghana as a result of widespread urbanization, more waste has increased making its disposal increasingly difficult.

On top of this general increase, the introduction of plastic waste has aggravated the problem. In particular is the use of plastic film, particularly in the form of black carrier bags and sachet water bags.

Black carrier bags / sacks are used to carry anything and everything - whereever you buy something it is likey you will be handed to you in one of these sacks.

Sachet water bags, are clear square plastic packets that hold filtered drinking water - once emptied they are improperly disposed of, and usually end up lining the streets and gutters.

Not only is this unsightly, but the plastic film clogs the drainage system, increasing flooding problems during the rainy season, and creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If not discarded, the sachets are burned or buried releasing toxins.

For a School to benfit from the CARE program, they have to sign up to our ECO Code to help elimate the problems with plastic waste in Ghana. We will be adding details to this website soon!

Helping to Recycle

Plastic Waste

In Ghana, the average number of water bottles/sachets used per person per day is ten, according to Dr. J Boanuh, the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency Director.

Multiply this number by Ghanas population, which currently stands at 22 million people and you have 220 million empty water bottles/sachets being burned or buried EVERY DAY!

Multipy this number by the seven days of the week and that equates to 1540 million PER WEEK!

Multiply this by 52, the number of weeks in a year, and you have a mind boggling 80,080 million empty water bottles/ suchets which are burned or buried every single year!

More About the Issues

Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste

Ghana National College's team of Eco Warriors have been regularly collecting empty plastic waste.

Each collection is then sold to a local plastic recycling company for approx. $500. The funds raised are then used to provide resources for the college such as more computers.

CARE's ECO Warriors and the ECO Code Agreements that CARE beneficies sign are one of the ways CARE seek to educate schools into becoming environmentally and ecologically aware.

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