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Swedru Secondary School one of the first schools we set- up ICT CLUB last year are actively recycling the empty plastic water bottles/sachets waste (polythen waste) instead of burning this waste which is highly toxic and contribute to global warming, causes lung disease and destroying local crops. And... they're making a lots of money from their recycling programme!

I would like to thank everyone for their invaluable support over the years to make this impossible mission very worthy and successful project.

Benefits of polythene waste to Swedru Senior High School

Hi Jib/George

Guess what, I was in Swedru Senior High School yesterday to have a little discussion with the headmaster. Jib, you can believe the amount of money the school is making out of the polythene waste the students gather and send them to the recycle center in Tema, Accra Ghana (Blow Blast. Correct me if this spelling is wrong)!

They gather the waste for a term which is a little over three months. They get huge sacks of polythene waste at the end of every term. According to the headmaster, he is even considering going into full time waste management. That is going round schools, Colleges, market places etc to collect these waste and sending them to blow baste company in Tema.

He also stated that he is very impressed about the way a manner the school's environment looks very clean recent times. He also congratulated CARE for initiating this project.

Jib, i know as at now you are a bit curious to know what they use the money for. Well theses monies are being used to beautify the school. I have asked the headmaster to invite me to go with them in their next trip to witness and also take pictures.

In the near future CARE should be able to get a van to go round schools to get more feedback on this project. We can also go round with the van to collect these polythene from people.

Many regards


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