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CARE wipes all dataOnce the data has been wiped, CARE packs the equipment into containers and ships them to Ghana. They leave from Felixstowe in Kent and arrive at Tema Port in Ghana 8-10 days later. Once through customs they head towards our Service & Distribution centre. This could be more info re: shipping etc.
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Computers for Developing Countries

Computers can make a vital difference to the lives of children in the developing world. Through access to computers, children can develop ICT skills that will dramatically improve their job prospects.

However, most children in Ghana graduate from formal education without any ICT skills. Around five billion people globally do not have access to ICT and are therefore excluded from the global information economy and remain locked into poverty. At the same time, individuals, businesses and schools in the UK are throwing away millions of working PCs every year. These computers could be donated to schools and colleges in Ghana to help children gain the ICT skills that will be essential to building a better future


CARE (Collect And Recycle Ecologically) Computers For Developing Countries is a Ghana based NGO that was established to further the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Kofi Anna's speech made in 2001 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Rio Summit 1992 and the Johannesburg Summit. He said:

Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract (i.e. sustainable development) and turn it into a reality for all the world's people.

What is even more daunting a task, is to translate sustainable development and it's various connotations and implications for the benefit of our future young generation. Chapter 36 of Agenda 21 of the Rio Summit established that education is the cornerstone of the sustainable development.

CARE Computers For Developing Countries NGO has been established with a two-fold vision. Firstly, to assist in the education and development of the less privileged secondary/tertiary school student of the developing country, and secondly, to help address the environmental issues of dumping of computer waste. Our vision is founded on the desire to help bridge the gap between the student in the developming country and his/her counterpart in the developed country through the use of information technology (IT) as well as leading the way in encouraging others to responsibly manage waste (irreparable PC's) in a worldwide acceptable manner through the adoption of W.E.E.E legislation.

Simply put, CARE takes redundant computers donated by businesses, schools and other institutions here in UK, prepares them for use by deleting the existing data to DOD (Department of Defence) standards and reloads the appropriate software prior to shipment to Ghana. As our donors regularly upgrade their computer facilities, existing computers become redundant. CARE takes redundant ICT equipment and uses this opportunity not only to help school children in Ghana with their study of ICT and access to PC's in general, but also to help the environment by recycling (using approved and acceptable international standards) and raising environmental awareness.


Youtube Update

Jib Hagan on Ghana Live TV


Who benefits?

See the latest list of Ghana schools that have benefitted from donated computer equipment...

List of schools

CAREC4DC is a Ghana based NGO
Dansoman Junction, Kaneshie-Winneba Road, Accra, Ghana
Registered in Ghana 2006 as a Limited Company: G-19,460 | Ghana NGO Number: D.S.W/4550