About CARE

CARE was inspired by Phoebe Hagan, a then 7 year old British girl, visited her father’s native country, Ghana, for the first time in February 2002 with her parents. During their short holiday, she together with her little sister Alice, decided to join their cousin, Felicia Arko-Nsarfu at her school, Mount Olivet Methodist Academy. Back home in Worthing, England she wanted to send emails to her cousin and the new friends she had made but was distraught to learn that they have no access to computers (at school or at home). This did not go down well with her and she wished something could be done to change it!

An opportunity to do something presented itself when her school, CHESSWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL, were changing and upgrading their computers. She asked her Head Teacher if the redundant PC’s could be given to her so she could ask her Dad to send them to her cousins and friends in Ghana to enable them access to PC’s as she does.

The Head Teacher seeing the plea in her eyes asked her to inform her Dad to come see her if this moving story was really true. The first batch of PC’s was therefore donated to fulfil this mission.

BOC Edwards (employers of Phoebe’s dad, Jib Hagan) gladly donated a second batch of PC’s and security software to wipe all data from the PC’s when they also heard the story. Thus a project was born with more schools and businesses joining in.

CARE Computers was established to collect redundant PC’s in the UK and donate free of charge to primary and secondary schools in Ghana.

CARE's objectives and policies are:

1.    To advance the education of the pupils in schools in developing countries by providing and assisting in the provision of computers recycled from UK schools, health services and businesses.

2.    To promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment through the recycling and safe disposal of computers when they become irreparable in accordance with appropriate legislation and by publicising to schools/colleges and the general public the need to conserve and protect the environment.

3.    To facilitate the learning and exchange of information on different countries cultures to promote better understanding and knowledge between communities.

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DavidDavid Newham

Headteacher - Chesswood Middle School , Worthing